Station Setup


1 Elecraft K3 all mode station
1 Elecraft K3S all mode station
2 Expert 1-3K-FA Power Amplifier
bandpass filters for most bands
CW keyer and headsets

Antennas (plans so far):

1 Spiderbeam vertical antenna for these bands:
80M L-antenna
40/15M vertical
20M vertical

1 DX-Wire vertical antenna for these bands:
60M vertical
30M vertical
17M vertical

1 Spiderbeam vertical antenna with multiband end feed antenna for 10 – 80 M
43 feet vertical can be added

Software to be used:

N1MM Logger+ and WSJT-X version 2.x
Win-Test and WSJT-X version 2.x
Ham Radio Deluxe for RTTY and PSK
2 laptops

Logs will be uploaded to Clublog on daily basis depending on local Internet connection